Glad Cafe illustration by The Random Factor

Southside Games Festival

23rd May, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow

The Southside Games Festival is a unique event bringing you the best and most interesting videogames from near and far. Spark your joy with a tidy selection of interactive entertainment. We have silly multiplayer games, heartfelt narrative journeys, thrilling adventures and animal escapades.

This is the innagural Southside Games Festival, part of the Southside Fringe Festival 2019. We are presenting a family-friendly selection of games from 4pm to 11pm. Under-18s must leave after 8pm. Entry is free.

This is the official selection for the 2019 festival:

Stories Untold

Glasgow NoCode We're celebrating this Glasgow studio's breakthrough 2017 hit by giving you a chance to replay this classic.

Pokey Dokey Paradise

Madrid / London Ludipe & Karen Teixeira Fresh from the London Games Festival where Eurogamer named it one of their favourite games of the show, this frantic 9-player party game is a ridculous slice of fun.


Dundee Coatsink This fun and silly co-op game forces two players to share control of one, double-ended dog. Complete puzzles and navigate the world.


Southside! Fergus Dunnet

Local game developer and visual artist, Fergus Dunnet, is bringing his unique head-bowling dungeon-crawler along.

Pixel-art Southside Gallery

Southside! The Random Factor

This local artist has been creating pixel-art illustrations of all your favourite local landmarks. An exclusive exhibition of work.

Bird of Passage

Genova, Italy Space Backyard

Bird of Passage puts players in the shoes of an other-worldly being, travelling endlessly through the nightscape of Tokyo. Explore your own past through conversations with local taxi drivers.

kid in vrchat talks about getting bullied

Toronto, Canada Syrmor

Syrmor conducts interviews in VR. By probing and questioning people in the popular virtual reality chat room VRChat he exposes the humanity behind the avatars he meets.

Ragdoll Reach

Glasgow Caledonian University Agapio, William, Geogri, Roni, Connor & Jan

Our student selection! A fun and frantic two-player climbing game where you can choose to help or sabotage your opponent.